New Self-Management System

In line with the company's strategy, Rainbow Lufthansa City Center has just incorporated a new Self-Management Tool (OBT) from Argo Solutions supplier
Therefore, we can provide our customers with the necessary technology to achieve a cost-effective, controlled, economic and effective management.
The system offers the possibility of buying tickets, booking hotels and cars complying with the clients travel policies, using negotiated fees with distinguished suppliers, generating important savings, among
other benefits.
In this way, Rainbow LCC will be able to attend a greater volume of transactions optimizing resources.

Versatility and New Alternatives

Southatlantic S.A. provides its customers with alternatives to combine several transport modes for both import and export operations.

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Two New Flavors to highlight Food Industy !!!

Karinat now adds two new flavors to its Variegatos line: Raspberry and Blueberry. Taste, texture and aroma to highlight your kitchen!

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